Shuttered...for now

As it so happens, a concerned citizen took it upon themselves to bring my operation to the attention of the Denver Health Department. As a result, I can no longer sell bread through Spinelli's Market. Why not? Actually, it doesn't have to do with where the food is prepared, the ingredients being used, or the person preparing the bread (that's a surprise...have you met that guy?) It has to do with the lack of a wholesale license. Since I bake these loaves in my home oven, a wholesale license is not something available to me. Instead, I am now the proud owner of a cottage food license. This means I can sell bread directly (in person or online) and then arrange for pickup at a designated location. Still working out the logistics, but I hope to be back selling bread by the week of 5/18.

If you are interested in becoming part of a mailing list announcing when bread will be available, drop me an email at